Spring Bunny Painting

I like to offer live Paint with Me sessions from time to time on my Facebook group. With all the chaos of spring break and my kids being home with Mom for the last two weeks, I really have not had the chance to do the traditional live lesson.

So with all that in mind, I wanted to share the latest painting that I created of our dwarf bunny Nugget. He is one of the newest members of our family and what a cuter subject to decide to paint. This painting ended up being the perfect addition to our spring mantel décor.

My kids love looking at all the bright colors that I used to create it too. So if you would like to paint your own spring bunny painting, I have included commentary on my video to help you follow along and make your own masterpiece.

Items needed to paint:

  • -Titanium White Acrylic Paint
  • -Violet Acrylic Paint
  • -Blue Acrylic Paint
  • -Mars Black Acrylic Paint
  • -Yellow Acrylic Paint
  • -Canvas or Gesso Board
  • Pallet Knife
  • Water and Paper Towels for cleanup

Happy painting, I look forward to seeing all your paintings posted in my Facebook group or here in the comments after you have completed your work of art. Make sure you join my group for the days I do have a chance to paint live with you!

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