About the Artist

For Michelle,
painting is a release from everyday life.
She loves any moment she gets to hold a paint brush in her hands...

Capture the beauty of your wedding day with a Weddings in Paint masterpiece. Trained at the Savannah College of Art and Design, allow professional live event artist Michelle Johnson to capture your day with a unique vision for all to admire. Your guests will be mesmerized as they watch the canvas reveal a truly unique expression of your wedding. Michelle offers her services within the Central Arkansas Area, however can accommodate travel needs upon discussing details at booking.

Often you can find me chasing around my two kids as I’m tinkering around our small homestead at our Central Arkansas Home.

I love refurbishing vintage furniture and creating something new from old things. When I am not crafting, I am painting for my online business where I sell hand painted shoes ( you can learn more about this business at www.therusticfeather.com) .

My life is full of passion for creativity and I love slowing down for just a minute to put my brush to canvas and capture live weddings or recreate wedding photos. It reminds me to focus on family and the love that grows from a single seed. Capturing your wedding on canvas is a remarkable way to look back at the seed you planted together as you watch it grow and root into something truly amazing.

I look Forward to meeting you and becoming part of your day -Michelle

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